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Making Process

From our products origins and trip of it

At Vintage Leather Bazaar, a number of hard work will go behind the creating of hand crafted leather bags as well as accessories. environment security and customer satisfaction are represents quality of our products.

The handbags created by us, takes several steps to make sure you be given 100% Eco-friendly leather-based bags and also crafted from the means of ‘Vegetable Tanning’. This type of tanning is a single that could be nearly all traditional as well as gives natural leather its exclusive natural features, without the usage of chemicals.

Benefits of Vegetable Tanned leather items:

  • Vegetable tanning is environment-friendly and the items created using all of them are completely recyclable.
  • Shades that vegetable-tanned items generate are wealthy and appear natural.
  • Given that vegetable tanning is a conventional method, the majority of tanneries (office exactly where skins and also hides are tanned) possess tradesmen which are extremely experienced for creating and also dyeing the leather-based.

Process 1

The goat leather skin is cleansed of any unnecessary hair and also tanned for 30-45 days utilizing the vegetable tanning technique. Thereafter, the skin is staying too dried up under the sun.

Process 2

The dried out leather-based skin is cut into items of different style and form, based on the shape of the item. A top quality canvas is pasted on the interior side to give strength and also durability.

We don’t completely rely on the pasting and that is why every bag is double stitched with regards to finish. This guarantees that the handbag looks stunning.

Process 3

The numerous pieces are after that stitched into a handbag utilizing high quality string. For tough fittings, we make use of buckles, rivets and buttons that happen to be all made of brass. We likewise use best-quality zippers.

Process 4

Lastly, the outside of each handbag is applied with vegetable oil to obtain the right color. This also helps make our bag waterproof. The handbag has become ready for use.